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Bruce Kemp School Trustee

Bruce Kemp

Elect Bruce Kemp for Winnipeg School Division Ward 1

A great school board needs members to work closely with other members for the well-being of all the students in the Winnipeg School Division.

About Bruce Kemp

Since 2003 Bruce and his wife have lived in the Winnipeg School Division Ward 1 area. Their daughter, age 12, attends Grant Park High School. Bruce received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Winnipeg and his Bachelor of Education from the University of Brandon. Bruce has been an educator in Manitoba for more than 20 years. The majority of his career has taken place in the city of Winnipeg but he has also taught at Miskooseepi School in Bloodvein First Nation.   Bruce currently teaches a variety of courses to middle years students in a Kindergarten to grade 9 school. His professional experiences provide knowledge and understanding of the education system. If elected, Bruce ensures policy decision making based on educational practice and not on political will. He will advocate for the wellbeing of all students while working with other trustee members, and will give highest priority to athletics and the arts. Bruce volunteers for several organizations including the Manitoba Speed Skating Association and the River Heights Speed Skating Club. He has coached South End United, Corydon Comets, and River Heights soccer teams as well as basketball and flag football.

My Campaingn Promises are Simple, Clear and Achievable

– I will make my decisions based on my educational experience and on principles of what I believe will best benefit our students in the classrooms.

– I will build strong learning communities which are inclusive and safe for all students. 

– Manage tax dollars to deliver programs that improve student success.

– Advocate for sustainable funding for programs such as Athletics and the Arts.

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